Now that your company’s corporate day is coming up, you have been appointed to take care of the planning. You have never done this before and you know this is going to be a challenge. You are apprehensive about what may go wrong. Well it’s too early to worry about what may go wrong when you have not even start with the preparations. However, it is not early to start planning for the day.

Even if you have never done this before, there is always a first time. Make use of this opportunity to showcase your leadership and organization skills. You don’t have to worry we are on hand to help you. First you will need to come up with a theme for the day, and then you will need to organize a team activity such as paintball in Geelong. After which you can schedule lunch and any other business for the day.

Choose a theme

There are many themes that you can choose for use by you and your colleagues. When choosing themes for the corporate day, try to sample a few of your colleagues to get an idea of what they will like. This is not to say you will have to ask everybody’s opinion. Also it doesn’t mean you must choose a suggestion given by a colleague. The reason you will need to sample opinions is to be able to get an idea of what your colleagues will prefer. 

Choose a team activity

Corporate days are day when the employees are supposed to have fun out of the office. It is a day when all the protocol in the office will be broken and managers will mingle with employees without that air of authority. To help achieve this kind of atmosphere, you will have to choose a team activity that will not only help everyone have fun but will also help them get to know each other out of the office.

Arrange for lunch

Naturally after a hard day of play, everyone will want to settle down to eat some wonderful meal. Make sure when choosing a restaurant, it is one that everyone can relate to. When organizing sitting arrangements, make sure you mix up the staff. Remember that this is a not a day for people to remember that they are senior managers. It is a day when everyone comes down from their high horse and just be exactly the person they are. That is why tables for lunch should not carry only people from a particular level. You can put the General Manager on a table with the drivers. That is how you encourage teamwork and get people to relax. You may not see it now but such arrangements can help people work better together.

There are many tutorials published in websites of the online stores. Many individuals use drones for various purposes such as leisure, commercial activities and so on. These unmanned aerial apparatuses are available in different models and features. For example military types are much more advanced than those used for photography of wildlife. You can purchase the following models from DJI store:

– Phantom 1/2 ( vision and vision+)

– Phantom 3 professional/standard

– Inspire 1

There are many accessories sold by these companies:

– Gimbals (handmade and aerial such as Ronin-M, Zenmuse X5 Series, etc.)

– Osmo

– Propulsion systems

– Dropsafe

– HD video

Of the many models that are available, the inspire 1 model is available in varying types namely PRO, single and dual remote. This is the latest development of drones designed and manufactured by them. Are you wondering, if you should purchase it? Here are the following features of it:

Features of the 3 types of Models:

• Flexibility and light weight

These are lightweight flyers that are flexible to handle and provides stability while capturing images and videos. The propeller system of this device is of high standards and efficient. The strong arms allow you to control it easily and giving access to 360 degrees view of the surroundings.

• Dismantle and install other accessories

When you buy DJI Inspire 1, you could dismantle the camera from the aerial device and install other cameras or accessories and upgrade it. The development of clear and high-resolution images and videos is a breakthrough of this design. In addition, the highly designed sensors allow you to fly it indoors and capture pictures without GPS tracking system.

• Dual remote control option

Similar to the above features, it can be controlled by two individuals. This allows one individual to pilot the device with the remote. On the other hand, the other focuses and controls the gimbal and camera of it. Each of them would have their own viewing screen, which is an additional advantage. These can be flown up to about 2 kilometers without disrupting the view of the cam.

• Powerful battery

Buy DJI Inspire 1, which has a powerful battery that lasts for hours and provide other important details. The operator is able to keep checking the remaining power of it. As a fact, they are able to know how long it can be kept on air, the distance from the ground and many more.

• Access footage from you mobile and tablet

Moreover, they have developed an app for you to access the view of it from your smartphone and tablet. You are able to adjust the camera settings, live mapping of the position of the drone, automatically taking off and landing are some that can be controlled with just a tap.

Purchase your drone today and enjoy the numerous and amazing features of it!

We often find ourselves in situations where we have the necessity but lack the resources to fulfil the same. Such situations demand the need to better plan our expenses and the need to look out for goods on sale. Another reason why we do not wish to invest a great amount of money in an item is the fact that we are unsure of the value it carries in turn for the money spent on it. If one looks out carefully the chances of enjoying an important product in terms of customer satisfaction could be purchased on a less than average price.

Often our kids are neglected when it comes to spending the extra money in terms their entertainment. A good option to consider in this regard will be a trampoline. A gift of this kind would certainly kindle the enthusiasm of any kid and promise a hyped state of activity. These kinds of gifts are often recommended to the kids whom parents think should have some excitement in life. If one takes time to pay attention to any kid on this, the first and sure think that one would notice is the level of energy when on it and the bright smiles on the faces of the kids.

A good place to find a device would be on the internet. Various outlets do provide seasonal discounts on such items and it is our duty as caring parents to facilitate our kids with the same. Buying such gifts which requires physical strength is a mode of exercise and a good alternative to activities that do not require physical work.

Seasonal sales are also good times to experiment the purchase of items which otherwise we would be sceptical about purchasing.The range of items can be from sporting goods to accessories which would enhance the use of an existing item. For an example, buying a basketball hoop to pair with a Layby trampoline which already exists at home would be a wise way to add more flavors to an existing event. These kinds of additions contribute to the creativity and the sporting interest of kids. The same notion can be a trigger in kids to discover talents within them and a mean to open up for a sound future of a healthy mind and body. However, in all these things the safety of the user should be looked into. Although the said items are to be purchased in a lower cost one should never compromise in the aspect of avoiding possible hazards.